With the age of 15 I asked myself the question: How do film studios create animation movies, how do they come to the final result? So I started to deal with this huge topic. 10 years later, I successfully completed my studies “animation & game” at the university of applied sciences Darmstadt, Germany.

During my internships I worked in design offices and in a vfx/commercial production. While my studies I completed five projects (including my bachelor thesis) in small teams, with each project having an average duration of four months. I learned a lot about realization of projects (reaching deadlines) as well as how to work together as a team. Moreover, I learned how to use software correctly to achieve the desired result or to use pipeline structures to optimize the workflow.

Over the years, I have focused my attention to lighting and my favorite area of work became the lighting department since for me it means to have always a great challenge and fun to bring shots alive by the use of an excellent lighting setup. Besides lighting shading is my second choice followed by hard surface modelling and scene layout.

Alongside short film projects and advertising projects, I had a great opportunity to work on my first feature animation film as a lighting artist with an amazing team at Boulder Media.

Feel free to reach out to me for job offers or any query!